Snow Day

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Remember the magic of waking up in the morning, looking out your bedroom window and seeing a ton of SNOW that is just calling your name to come tear it up!  Build snowmen, make snow angels, have snowball fights with the neighborhood kids, build "igloos", bury your siblings in the snow.....  so many fun notions....   but you had school so HOPEFULLY the snow will still be there when school is over.   So you get up, reluctantly get dressed, leave your bedroom to get breakfast and head off....   you're watching the news channel on the tv while your eating breakfast...  it's scrolling through all of the delays and closures.... and BOOM there it is!   Your school closed for the day- you have ALL day to play outside in the snow and come in for hot chocolate when the street lights come on.......    that's the feeling you get when you look at our SNOW DAY chunky mix!

White Iridescent Chunky Glitter Mix

Pro Tip:  Works WONDERS on a Unicorn Burst Design!

Blue/Green (some pink/purple) Opalescent Shine

2.0 oz by weight

If you would like to purchase a sample size of Snow Day, you can find that here: