About Us

Vivian Rose Glitter is a small family run business in the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.  Vivian Rose is a sweet little girl that joined our family at 15 months old, and 5 years later she is becoming a permanent part of this family.  Vivian loves all things glitter (she shares that passion with mom!) but knows there is a need for premium quality materials for crafters, hobbyists, and business owners that won't break the bank!  So we delved into the glitter world together!  

From Mom:  Being a fellow crafter and hobbyist as well, of many different crafts and hobbies, I know that I like the finer things but I want a good deal on them too.  Glitter is a passion of mine, and makes me feel happy, so I want to share that with all of you! We work hard on our products, from procuring the best quality products after talking to dozens of manufacturers of each- to tirelessly processing raw materials coming in, to shipping your order as accurately as humanly possible!  We appreciate and love having you visit our online site, and we look forward to talking with you, and hopefully meeting you someday.  


From Vivi:  "Hi, and thank you for coming to my site.  I love glitter, and dresses, and all things that sparkle. I hope you love our glitter too!  Thank you!"